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Pouf Hippo pink

Product code: DSH00327757
Until the end of the promotion:
763 AED
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 1 - превью
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 2 - превью
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 3 - превью
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 4 - превью
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 5 - превью
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 6 - превью
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 1 - большое изображение
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 2 - большое изображение
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 3 - большое изображение
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 4 - большое изображение
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 5 - большое изображение
  • Pouf Hippo pink - 6 - большое изображение


Product type Pouf
Weight, kg 9.3
Warranty 2 years
FillerHollowfiber / Polyurethane foam
Age 3-7
Size, cm 90x65x40
Maximum permissible load, kg 100
Height, cm 53
Brand Askona Kids


The Hippo pouf, shaped like a charming hippopotamus, will adorn the nursery and infuse it with the excitement of friendly communication and fun adventures. The pouf serves as an additional area for relaxation, entertainment, and educational games, making it a favorite spot for both children and adults. It fosters colorful children's fantasies and evokes positive emotions. The Hippo pouf not only adds variety to leisure time but also helps prepare your child for bedtime by providing a fun setting for listening to fairy tales and superhero stories.

This pouf is meticulously upholstered by hand, ensuring that the material is carefully gathered to give Hippo a flawless appearance. It creates a cozy and serene atmosphere, offering elasticity that perfectly conforms to the pouf's curves and good breathability. The fabric's high density guarantees durability and protection against deformation, with a wear resistance of 48.700 cycles. Velour retains its color well and does not fade in sunlight, showcasing mysterious highlights and halftones in the light.

Advantages of the Hippo pouf:

  • Comfortable seating area
  • Soft, non-injurious side parts
  • High-quality fabric for a soft feel
  • Resistant to dirt and deformation
  • Easy to maintain

The Hippo pouf is a blend of playfulness and comfortable relaxation.

Maximum load capacity: 100 kg

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