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Manufacturing of the Askona company


Unique independent spring unit - "hourglass"

Askona's production today consists of 10 factories, more than 15,000 SKU produced and the largest conveyor line in Europe.

All Askona products of its own production are made of the highest quality materials, components are purchased from the world's leading manufacturers. A five-stage quality control is provided at the production site: from the input control of raw materials to the finished product, which allows us to produce goods of the highest quality.

Our own testing Laboratory of sleep, is certified according to ISO 9001 standards, in which products are tested and certified according to operational characteristics. Mattresses, sofas and beds must be tested in a quality control laboratory.
The laboratory was created taking into account the existing experience of leading German and Swedish manufacturing companies, where the laboratory employees were trained. A special modern methodology has been developed for the tests, and the quality standards are consistent with the European UCO system.

Askona is the owner of many patents for spring blocks and materials, as well as licenses for the manufacture of leading world brands.


In 2022, we produced:

1.6 million
1.89 million

Logistics and the last mile:

Askona Logistics Network is the largest specialized furniture logistics network in Europe with three transport hubs and 53 regional warehouses and its own service center for processing and tracking orders and working with customer reviews. Every year we carry out more than 987,000 deliveries to customers, and the OTIF indicator (timeliness and completeness of delivery exactly to the customer) is 98.2%.

This year, Askona has started producing spring mattresses in a rolled configuration, which facilitates transportation.

Most of the equipment used in the Askona HC (holding company) production is unique. For example, there is an integrated 3-conveyor production system, an automatic production management system, and a system for planning and accounting for raw materials and finished products. Askona HC specialists have developed a new, non-standard mattress assembly sequence, which has significantly reduced production costs. The saved funds are directed towards reducing the market price of the mattress.

In the production of our mattresses, a new automatic gluing line is used. The machine precisely applies melted glue pellets where needed. Furthermore, the new melt glue is odorless and completely harmless. This new technology has improved the quality of the produced items and enhanced the work culture.

Stages of mattress manufacturing

OTK wire
Before proceeding to the manufacture of spring mattresses, all the wire entering production must pass quality control. On a special machine, it is checked for twisting and tearing at limit values. This action allows you to exclude in the future a possible defect and destruction of the springs in the ready-made mattress.
Production of springs
The wire from the bobbin is fed into the machine where the spring is produced according to predefined parameters (height, number of turns, compression ratio, shape). Next, the spring fits in a non-woven fabric case.
Spring Block Production
At the assembly station, spring strips of the specified size are connected.
Top Cover Production
Materials necessary for the production of the top cover are fed into the quilting equipment. Dimensions are set, and the required pattern is selected, depending on the mattress collection.
Processing the edges
Edge processing of the top cover cuts is carried out on the edge finishing equipment, preventing fabric fraying. This is an undeniable advantage in mattress production, allowing for an extension of the warranty period and improved quality.
Material Cutting for the Mattress
Automatic equipment is used for cutting any roll materials used in mattress production. This machine not only performs this operation at a higher speed - in 5.7 seconds instead of the usual 14 seconds in manual production but also with higher precision.
Mattress Materials Assembly
At this stage, the mattress assembly takes place, meaning all the necessary materials of the required size are gathered for the production of a specific model.
Mattress Manufacturing
At this stage, the product is assembled. All materials are laid out in a specific order and connected to each other. Quality control personnel ensure the correctness of the selected materials for each mattress, which helps avoid errors in the mattress production process.
Attaching the Mattress's Top Cover
Next, the mattress goes through the edge binding stage, where the top cover of the mattress is attached.
Mattress Packaging and Transportation
Before packaging, the mattress undergoes a quality control check to ensure it complies with the technical specifications. The mattress is then wrapped in a tight layer of film on a machine. This helps prevent accidental contamination or damage during product transportation. The packaged mattress is then moved to the warehouse, from where it is collected by a logistics vehicle for delivery to the customer.
shop of the Askona factory

All mattresses by the Askona company are manufactured on a unique automated conveyor line. Component materials are sourced from leading domestic and international manufacturers.

The Spring of Success

Askona's specialists have developed an improved mattress assembly process, which has significantly reduced production costs. The saved resources are directed towards lowering market prices.

For 33 years, we have been investing in innovation and technology development, conducting research on new materials, implementing advanced technologies, and searching for original design solutions to create comfortable mattresses for a full night's sleep.

Quality Control

Askona mattresses consistently meet high-quality standards. All materials and mattress components adhere to the strictest requirements for anatomical products. Each new model or series, which is prepared for production at the mattress factory, undergoes multiple tests. To maintain consistently high product quality, Askona's mattress factory has established multi-stage quality control processes for raw materials and products through its in-house quality control laboratory.

Materials for Making Mattresses

When manufacturing Askona mattresses, only modern and high-quality, environmentally friendly materials from leading global manufacturers are used, meeting all global quality standards for safety.

Hour Glass Spring

This spring incorporates several levels of firmness, offering universal comfort for almost anyone. Any other spring is either initially firm or soft. Only Hour Glass can provide different sensations.

Independent Spring Unit

Five or seven-zone independent spring units have exceptional anatomical effects.

Coconut Fiber

High lignin content allows coconut fiber to be highly elastic and resilient, resisting decay. Excellent operational qualities, combined with a very long service life, have made this material one of the best fillers for mattresses.

Natural Latex

Latex is typically used in premium-class mattresses with high anatomical effects. The latex filler of the mattress perfectly contours the body and provides ideal comfort.

Memory Foam

Ensures even load distribution, preventing blood circulation disruptions, and gives the mattress made from this material unique anatomical properties.


Natural fiber from fresh leaves of the unique Agave plant. Resistant to moisture, hygienic, and not susceptible to heavy loads.

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