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Askona Gulf Home Furniture Trading L.L.C guarantees compliance with the quality of manufactured products with the current regulatory and technical documentation during the warranty period, provided that the operating rules are followed.

The warranty period for products sold by Askona Gulf Home Furniture Trading L.L.C shall be as follows:

  • Mattresses:
    Up to 24 months (depends on the model, indicated on the label and model page on the website).
  • Beds, sofa beds, armchairs, and other upholstered furniture:
    From 2 to 10 years.
  • Wooden and wrought-iron beds:
    Up to 10 years with the possibility of extending the warranty.

The warranty period for accessories (mattress toppers, pillows, covers, blankets, bedding, etc.) and hardware does not apply unless otherwise specified in the product description.

Extended Warranty

Askona Gulf Home Furniture Trading L.L.C offers an extended warranty beyond the standard warranty period:

  • 25 years — for the Sleep Professor, Greather&Wells, NEO brand mattresses when purchased and used with the branded protective cover;
  • 25 years — for the Askona Original Pro, Askona Ortho, Askona Sleep Expert brand mattresses when purchased and used with the branded protective cover;

The extended warranty implies warranty service in respect of manufacturing defects of the above units. The extended warranty does not apply to defects related to natural wear of materials, and to defects that do not affect the performance characteristics.

Packaging and delivery of the mattress for extended warranty service to the manufacturer's factory or representative office are the responsibility of the buyer.

The mattress must be clean and in proper sanitary and hygienic condition.

The extended warranty is valid upon presentation of the purchase receipt, this warranty card, and the mattress label.

Production defects do not include:

  • the presence of a smell inherent to natural materials (coconut coir, latex, cotton, wool, etc.) in products made using such materials;
  • deviations in dimensions for mattresses within tolerance limits: ±10 mm in width/length, ±15 mm in height;
  • deviations in dimensions for mattress toppers with filling within tolerance limits: ±10 mm in width/length up to 1000 mm inclusive, ±20 mm in width/length over 1000 mm, ±5 mm in height up to 60 mm inclusive, ±10 mm in height over 60 mm inclusive;
  • wrinkles, irregularities, and folds on the covers and facing materials of soft elements that occur after the load is removed (getting up from the mattress) and disappear when smoothed by hand;
  • wear and pilling on the mattress cover that occurred during use;
  • mattress settlement (sag) depth of less than 30 mm in the sleeping areas (when measured on a flat surface after smoothing the mattress surface by hand);

Warranty does not apply to:

The warranty period does not apply to products with damages resulting from:

  • the buyer's violation of operating rules and/or care recommendations for the product;
  • using the product for purposes other than its intended use;
  • actions aimed at damaging or destroying the product, force majeure circumstances;
  • products with mechanical damage, traces of self-repair, or alterations to the structure.

Please note that we do not offer warranty for accessories (mattress covers, pillows, covers, blankets, bed linen, etc.) and other products, not explicitly named above.

How to Claim Your Warranty

In case you have found a defect within the warranty period, please submit warranty claim through “Filing a Claim”.

Please note that we may conduct a quality check to determine the cause of the defect. No provision of a substitute product shall apply for the time of quality check. `Once the defect is proved to be a manufacturing defeat the item shall be replaced within the reasonable time limits

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