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1. The product has a satisfactory level of quality

We recognize that creating the ideal sleep environment and achieving personal comfort for a healthy nightly rest can be challenging. Sometimes, it may not be a perfect match initially, as each individual is unique. If you've purchased Askona products and they don't quite fit in terms of size, design, comfort, or if your circumstances have changed, we gladly welcome your request for a refund or exchange. Our primary concern is your well-being, productivity, and the positive emotions that come from a good night's sleep.

The product can be exchanged or returned if:
  • The request for a refund or exchange is submitted within 30 days of receiving the order.
  • A valid document confirming the purchase of the product is provided.
  • The product is not custom-made.
  • The product remains unopened and unused.
  • The product was not acquired at a discounted or sale price.

Please be aware that during the exchange, the product's cost will be adjusted based on the current price at the time of processing the replacement request.

You have the option to handle the delivery of the items for exchange or return independently, or you can opt for our delivery service for an additional fee.

What is needed for an exchange or refund?

To initiate a return, please call the hotline at +971569927728 and communicate your intention to return the product. Be prepared to provide the order number, full name and phone number specified when placing the order.

How is the refund made?

You have the option to request an exchange or return service, or you can personally return the goods to the company's warehouse. However, please refrain from dispatching the product via courier services until the return is confirmed by Askona employees.

Upon the return of the goods and the submission of necessary details, the refund will be processed to the specified current account within 3 days from the date of receiving the details.

2. The product is of inadequate quality

At Askona, we take the responsibility of promoting healthy sleep seriously. We prioritize product quality by subjecting all items to rigorous testing in our dedicated quality laboratory before initiating mass production. If you have purchased a product and believe it doesn't align with the specified characteristics, please share the details with us. We are dedicated to resolving any concerns and ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

How do I file a claim?

1) Acceptance of the claim

In the event of a quality-related claim, please reach out to the store/online store through any convenient means: call +971569927728, message via Viber/WhatsApp, use the website chat, or personally visit the Askona salon. Provide the necessary documents confirming the purchase of the product and describe the issue in a free-form manner.

2) Preparation and decision-making on claims Upon receiving your claim, our team undertakes a comprehensive review, taking into account the nature of the claim, the product category, and its warranty period. Depending on the complexity of the situation, additional materials related to the claim may be requested.

During the decision-making process, the product defect and the underlying cause are thoroughly classified.

3) Deadlines for reviewing claims and providing responses to claims

In the event of a claim concerning discovered defects in a product with a request for replacement, we strive to facilitate an immediate replacement. If an identical replacement item is unavailable, the replacement period may be extended.

If the customer finds the proposed deadlines unsatisfactory, alternatives such as a replacement with a similar product or a refund may be offered.

If a quality check is required, the timeframe extends to 30 days from the date of the claim.

However, if the inspection reveals no defects or determines that any issues arose due to violations of usage/storage rules, actions of third parties, or force majeure after the transfer of the product to the consumer, the consumer is obligated to reimburse the seller (manufacturer) for the inspection costs and associated transportation expenses.

Warranty obligations

Warranty period:
  • for mattresses, bases, beds, headboards, sofas, armchairs, poufs, banquettes, bedside tables is 18 months, unless otherwise specified;
  • for cabinet furniture (cabinets, racks, tables, sets of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms) is 18 months, unless another period is specified in the product passport;
  • for alarm clocks, aroma diffusers, massagers is 12 months;
  • accessories (mattress pads, pillows, covers, blankets, bed linen, etc.) and accessories are not covered, unless otherwise specified in the product documents.

The warranty does not apply to goods that have damages and defects resulting from the Buyer's violation of the rules of operation, storage, transportation of goods or recommendations for the care of the goods, the use of the goods for other purposes, actions aimed at damage or destruction of the goods, acts of force majeure, as well as goods with mechanical damage (chips, dents, scratches, scuffs, stashes, glass cracks and their final destruction, cracks, fractures, tears, etc.), traces of self-repair or structural changes.

The Warranty period comes into force from the moment the Goods are handed over to the Buyer, the Buyer's Representative or Carrier.

The Buyer's claims in case of sale of goods of inadequate quality are accepted after full payment for the delivered Goods and are transmitted to the Seller in writing with the necessary documents substantiating these requirements (a document certifying the fact of purchase in respect of goods for which warranty periods or service life are established, a passport or other document replacing it (if available), warranty card (if available), as well as documents confirming the defects of the goods (description, photo).

For defects that appeared due to improper operation of the Goods by the Buyer, as well as for defects that occurred during assembly (installation) and delivery of the Goods made by a non-Seller. Claims are not satisfied.

The role of the service center is performed by specialist in complaints: +971569927728

Supplier: LLC "Trading House "Askona"" Legal address: 601914, Russia, Vladimir region, Kovrov, Komsomolskaya str., 116, str. 25, pom. I, 4 floor, office 26

Delivery and Assembly of Orders

1. Delivery and assembly are free.

Acceptance of Goods

2. Upon delivery, the customer or his/her representative must inspect the goods in the presence of the seller’s representative and accept the goods. The customer must inspect the goods for any visible damage or defects and accept them. If damage or defects are detected, they must be noted in the forwarder's document. Signing the freight forwarder’s document without specifying comments on visible damage/defects to the goods means that the customer does not have the right to refer to them in the future.

3. If the customer or his/her representative refuses to inspect the goods, they must reflect this refusal in the forwarder's document.

4. If the goods do not meet quality standards, the customer has the right to refuse acceptance. The customer must make a note of the refusal in the forwarder's document. In other cases, refusal to accept the goods after the deadline for their transfer is unreasonable.

5. The customer or his/her representative must ensure that the following conditions are met before accepting the goods:

  • Provide personal presence or the presence of a representative. 

  • Present the order number or the original document confirming payment.

  • Ensure that there are no obstacles to truck access. 

  • Agree the passage (entry) of trucks to the protected area with the security service in advance. The place for unloading the goods should be no further than 15 meters from the entrance to the house.

  • Ensure that the size of the doorways matches the dimensions of the goods. The width of the openings of the entrance and interior doors in the room should be at least 75 cm in width and at least 190 cm in height. For models of beds and mattresses, the width of the sleeping place should be more than 180 cm and the height of the opening should exceed the width of the goods by at least 10 cm.

  • Ensure a free and sufficient passage to the place of placement of the goods. The free width of the passage inside the room should not be less than 105 cm. Items that prevent the transfer of goods must be removed before delivery.

  • Notify the seller before ordering about non-compliance with the technical characteristics of the premises to determine the possibility of delivery of the goods.

Assembly and Installation

6. The customer is responsible for:

  • Freeing up necessary space for assembly and installation of the delivered goods.
  • Notifying employees about hidden communications and wiring in the room before installation (for items requiring installation on walls). In case of violation of this condition, the customer is solely responsible for accidental damage to these communications and wiring during the installation.
  • Removing doors, clearing entrance passages, moving, assembling/disassembling existing furniture, and clearing territory for assembling purchased goods (these services are not included in this agreement).


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