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Mattress Ergo Adaptive Hard 160x200

Product code: MPE03494434
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Product type Mattress
Warranty 1.5 years
Extended warranty 25 years
Collection Ergo Adaptive
Mattress firmness Firm
FeaturesAnatomical / One-sided / Sleeping
Height, cm 21
Cover material Knitwear
Filler Orto Foam
Springs per sleeping place 550
Mattress for adjustable beds (Ergomotion) Yes
Type of spring blockSpring-loaded / Independent spring block / 7-zone block of independent springs (HourGlass)
Weight per sleeping place Over 140 kg
Dimension Double beds


The Ergo Adaptive Hard mattress is designed for adjustable bed bases.

The innovative spring system with cut-outs in the transformation zones provides high adaptability to the mattress, ensuring equal comfort in any position whether lying down or sitting up.

Ergo Adaptive Hard relieves muscle tension and promoting faster sleep onset.

Advantages of Ergo Adaptive Hard:

  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Promotes faster sleep
  • Suitable for both transformable bases and regular beds
  • HourGlass spring system lasts three times longer than regular springs
  • Withstands regular intensive loads
  • No weight restrictions
  • Suitable for people with sensitive sleep

Mattress composition:

  • 7-zone HourGlass independent spring system accurately follows the body's curves and provides gentle support in the anatomically correct position.
  • Comfortable top layer made of soft Belgian knitted fabric with viscose is pleasant and delicate to the touch, with good breathability.
  • Highly elastic Orto Foam adapts to the sleeper's physiological characteristics and enhances the action of the spring system, ensuring optimal sleep microclimate.
  • High-density Orto Foam adds resilience.
  • Turn-free technology prevents deformation; the mattress does not need to be flipped: when used on one side, it retains its resilience and initial appearance.
  • Perimeter foam encasement made of Orto Foam reinforces the edge support of the mattress.

The Ergo Adaptive Hard Mattress: Firm back support while lying down and sitting up.

Important to know:

  • Height: 21 cm
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Warranty: 25 years when purchasing a mattress protector
  • Weight capacity: Over 140 kg

  Bed linen for your bedroom is available here.

Weight of the mattress:

Mattress Height 200x80(weight) 200x90(weight) 200x120(weight) 200x140(weight) 200x160(weight) 200x180(weight) 200x200(weight)
21 cm 12.4 kg 14.0 kg 18.6 kg 21.7 kg 24.8 kg 27.9 kg 31.0 kg

Tips for dealing with a new mattress:

New mattresses may have a temporary manufacturing smell when unpacked. It is not harmful or toxic and will fade over time. Follow these steps to reduce the odor:

  • Ventilate the mattress in a spacious room for at least a week.
  • Vacuum cleaning can speed up the elimination of the smell.
  • Remove bed linen from the mattress during the daytime.

Please note:

  • The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the stitch pattern of the mattress cover without prior notice.
  • The height of the mattress may vary within a tolerance of ±1.5 cm.

The image is a sample. The actual appearance may differ from what is shown in the image, while still maintaining all declared technical characteristics. This includes accounting for color rendering peculiarities, angles, and other conditions affecting the shooting and reproduction of the image.

Reviews (4)


My husband and I had been planning to change the bed for a long time, and decided to try something unusual. We took a mattress with an adjustable bed size of 160 cm. And, in my opinion, this is the best investment. Now we can watch TV, read, and just relax in comfort. I previously saw mattresses also for Ergomotion, but they were very expensive, and this mattress's price and quality satisfy us both.

Askona Manager

Thank you for choosing Askona. Our team works hard for your comfort. We are always ready to help you choose the ideal solution to create comfort in your home.


A hard mattress is good. The weight is evenly distributed and there is no discomfort when sleeping on your side. I stopped waking up at night with the problem of a swollen arm or back.

Askona Manager

We are glad that our product meets your expectations. Askona takes care of all your needs and strives to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your trust!

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