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Mattress Grether & Wells Magnificent Beige 150x200

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Product type Mattress
Warranty 1.5 years
Extended warranty 30 years
Collection Grether & Wells
Mattress firmness Soft
FeaturesAnatomical / One-sided / Sleeping
Height, cm 45
Cover material Cotton
FillerLatex / Orto Foam / Felt
Springs per sleeping place 2000
Type of spring blockSpring-loaded / Independent spring block / DualActive independent spring block
Weight per sleeping place Over 140 kg
DimensionSingle beds / One and a half beds / Double beds / Euro


Grether & Wells is a collection of luxurious American mattresses from a well-known premium brand, founded in 1859. These high-quality mattresses are used by internationally renowned hotel chains such as Hyatt, Radisson, Hilton, and others. Every third American millionaire sleeps on the Grether & Wells mattress. Famous movie stars include them in their rider.

The secret of Grether & Wells' popularity is simple. Each mattress is a unique work of handmade art. Skilled craftsmen use patented technologies, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail: from the placement of the springs to the embroidery. There is no mass production, only an individual approach to each mattress.

The Grether & Wells Magnificent mattress is an exquisite addition to the collection of American luxury mattresses, offering a firmness level below average. Unlike typical firmer mattresses, there is no need to adjust and get used to it gradually. This mattress helps relieve tension from the first night. Its soft and cozy feel welcomes you to sink into its embrace after a long day of work or intense sports training. A special shock-absorbing pillow, sewn into the top layer of the mattress, promotes deep and restful sleep. Equipped with MiniPocket Adaptive technology, the mattress boasts a unique block of independent springs, which relieves tension from tired muscles.

The Grether & Wells Magnificent mattress is based on:

  • The softest cotton layers of the mattress. They allow air to circulate remaining completely dry. Natural flax retains its shape even under prolonged loads. It absorbs vibrations, noise, and prevents static electricity build-up. Elastic latex provides correct anatomical support for every curve of the body.
  • The innovative Comfort Foam with Airflow technology. It ensures proper air micro-circulation, quickly dissipating body heat, and promoting maximum comfort. The Body Surround Edge Support system, located around the perimeter, strengthens the mattress structure and increases its usable surface.
  • The DualActive independent spring block with two base types (hard and soft). It adapts to the slightest body movements, guaranteeing excellent support. The unique anatomical MiniPocket spring system, known for its low height, provides targeted support for the spine and ensures optimal comfort for a restful night's sleep. Modern Adaptive technology ensures perfect adaptation to the contours of the body, using innovative shaped soldering of springs. Each mattress has additional perimeter reinforcement, significantly reducing the feeling of "slipping" at the edge of the bed.

Advantages of the Magnificent mattress:

  • Exclusively handmade using patented technologies
  • Eco-friendly materials of the highest quality
  • Turn Free technology that eliminates the need to turn the mattress over
  • Quality control at every production stage

Important to know:
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Warranty: 30 years when purchasing a mattress protector
  • Weight capacity: Over 140 kg

Bed linen for your bedroom is available here.

The Grether & Wells Magnificent mattress is the epitome of elegance and indescribable comfort for your everyday reality!

Mattress weight:

Mattress Height 200x80(weight) 200x90(weight) 200x120(weight) 200x140(weight) 200x160(weight) 200x180(weight) 200x200(weight)

45 cm








We recommend using the mattress on a solid, flat, horizontal surface that has additional supports in the center – Base Plato or Base Askona.

Tips for dealing with a new mattress:

New mattresses may have a temporary manufacturing smell when unpacked. It is not harmful or toxic and will fade over time. Follow these steps to reduce the odor:

  • Ventilate the mattress in a spacious room for at least a week.
  • Vacuum cleaning can speed up the elimination of the smell.
  • Remove bed linen from the mattress during the daytime.

Please note:

  • The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the stitch pattern of the mattress cover without prior notice.
  • The height of the mattress may vary within a tolerance of ±1.5 cm.

The image is a sample. The actual appearance may differ from what is shown in the image, while still maintaining all declared technical characteristics.

Reviews (6)


The mattress is worth every penny. First, it looks luxurious. Second, 30-year warranty sounds very promising. The girl taht helped to choose was sweet and patient. She also recommended nice bed linens, though i am thinking yet. In general, I feel like I will come back to try a pillow.

Askona Manager

Thank you for your feedback and trust in our brand. We are very glad that you were satisfied with your purchase. Sleep tight.


Looks gorgeous. Feels comfortable. Recommend

Askona Manager

Your feedback is very valuable to us. Askona products are created with love for every customer. Thank you for choosing Askona!


Delivery is fast. A bit expensive even with a discount, though I guess it's worth it - my wife is saying she has less painback now. We also bought a protector to have an extended warranty.

Askona Manager

We are glad that our product meets your expectations. Askona takes care of all your needs and strives to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your trust!

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