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Mattress Sleep Expert Profi Comfort 90x200

Product code: MPS03269869
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Product type Mattress
Warranty 1.5 years
Extended warranty 10 years
Collection Sleep Expert
Mattress Firmness Medium firm
FeaturesAnatomical / One-sided / Sleeping
Height, cm 26
Cover material Knitwear
FillerLatex / Orto Foam / Felt
Springs per sleeping place 482
Type of spring blockSpring-loaded / With independent spring block
Weight per sleeping place Over 140 kg
DimensionSingle beds / One and a half beds / Double beds


The Sleep Expert Profi Comfort mattress is Scandinavian quality, comfort, and coziness in the style of hygge — the art of being truly happy.

At its core is a unique system of thick independent pocket springs, each with its own fabric pocket. This construction allows for precise replication of the body's individual contours, adapting to any movement without causing any discomfort to the person sleeping next to you. Additionly, the mattress has a dense top layer of latex, evenly distributing the load between the vertebrae, and effectively relieving muscle tension.

The quilted cover of the mattress is made of the softest highly elastic material, which does not gather folds, deform, or shift, ensuring a smooth, deep, and restful sleep.


  • Firmness – firm;
  • Thick independent pocket springs (241 per square meter);
  • Color –  white;
  • Comfort layer - natural latex, polyurethane foam (23 kg/cubic meter), protective fabric;
  • Mattress fabric: 64% polyester, 36% cotton;
  • Side panel fabric: 64% cotton, 36% polyester;
  • Backing – non-woven polypropylene;
  • One-sided – no need to flip;
  • The mattress is packaged in a cover convenient for self-transportation;
  • Height – 26 cm;
  • Extended warranty – 10 years (with the purchase of a mattress protector).

Important to know:

  • The mattress regains its original shape in approximately 72 hours;
  • The process of getting used to the mattress is individual and may take up to 14 days;
  • A new mattress may have a specific odor that is completely harmless to health and dissipates fairly quickly. This process can be accelerated by airing and vacuum cleaning.

Mattress weight:

Mattress Height 200x90(weight) 200x140(weight) 200x160(weight) 200x180(weight)

26 cm





The new mattress may have a specific manufacturing odor after unpacking. The odor is not harmful or toxic and will dissipate over time.

After removing the packaging, it is recommended to ventilate the product in a well-ventilated room for at least 1 week to eliminate the manufacturing odor.

Vacuum cleaning will help to eliminate the odor faster. It is advisable to remove bedding during the day.

By following all the recommendations, the odor intensity will decrease, and after 14 days, it will become minimal.

Please note:

  • The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the stitch pattern of the mattress cover without prior notice.
  • The height of the mattress may vary within a tolerance of ±1.5 cm.

The image is a sample. The actual appearance may differ from what is shown in the image, while still maintaining all declared technical characteristics. This includes accounting for color rendering peculiarities, angles, and other conditions affecting the shooting and reproduction of the image.

Bed linen for your bedroom is available here.

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The mattress is of medium hardness, the manufacturing smell quickly disappeared. Comfortable, tall. We are happy with the purchase. My daughter bought a mattress from the same company, but without latex, she also likes it. We decided to order one with higher latex. We ordered it online, based on old advice.

Askona Manager

Your feedback is very valuable to us. Askona products are created with love for every customer. Thank you for choosing Askona!


Good afternoon. I chose the mattress very carefully and selectively. Before purchasing, I read information about all possible fillers and reviews. The important criteria for me were: durability, convenience. So that for the next 10 years I won’t think about the mattress. I chose this model because: latex filler (natural, restored to shape in 48 hours), height 25 cm (not 27, for me personally this is not critical), independent spring block, medium hardness (everyone has different sensations). Before this mattress, I had a mattress from ANOTHER MANUFACTURER and after 5 years all the springs simply dug into the body, honestly 3 years of torment. So, when buying a new mattress, I was very picky about my choice. The mattress was delivered a week ahead of schedule, which made me happy. The driver called and warned about the time interval and delivered according to the interval. I love punctuality. Delivery and lifting as a gift (there is no elevator, employees lifted it manually to the 6th floor). We've been sleeping on the mattress for three days now and couldn't be happier with our purchase! Sleep has finally begun to return. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase of the new mattress. I recommend it.

Askona Manager

Thank you for such an enthusiastic review! We are glad that our Sleep Expert Profi Comfort mattress exceeded your expectations. We continue to work for your health and comfort.


Latex filling is a big plus for such a price. Lush top and voluminous stitching, excellent height 26 cm + 10 year warranty. A very comfortable mattress, medium hardness (it will become softer over time), the top stitch is like a cloud + I bought Askona bed linen, now I don’t want to get out of bed at all. Sleeping is a pleasure. Also + the fact that the mattress is 1-sided and does not need to be turned over.

Askona Manager

We are glad that our product meets your expectations. Askona takes care of all your needs and strives to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your trust!

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