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Duvet Betty 200x220

Product code: OBE00325947
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  • Duvet Betty - 2 - большое изображение
  • Duvet Betty - 3 - большое изображение
  • Duvet Betty - 4 - большое изображение
  • Duvet Betty - 5 - большое изображение
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Product type Duvet
Warranty 2 years
Filler Tussah (silk)
Season All-season
Collection Askona Comfort
Cover materialCotton / Satin
Filler density 300g/m²
Brand Askona


The Betty duvet is designed to provide year-round comfort, featuring a filling made of natural silk.

This duvet is a remarkable find for individuals who prioritize the quality of their sleep and prefer duvets made exclusively from natural materials. Silk, being the only natural material that does not cause irritation or allergies, ensures a pleasant, light, and cozy experience. Despite its thinness, Betty will keep you warm during severe cold and maintain an optimal microclimate on hot days.

Advantages of the Betty duvet:

  • Temperature comfort throughout the year
  • Ecologically friendly, made of natural materials
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies

Duvet composition:

  • Cover: 100% cotton
  • Filler: 100% Tussah (textured silk)
  • Filler density: 300 g/m²

 Size range:

 Duvet size
Sleeping width recommendation
Euro 200x220 cm
Between 140 and 200 cm

Bed linen for your sleeping place is here.

Betty: Guaranteed comfort and healthy sleep.

Care recommendation:

Reviews (6)


I got attracted by tussah. Never heard of anything like this. Google search showed that it's a super cool silk. It's harvested by hand without killing the wild caterpillars. A huge plus for that! Plus, after that I realized why the price is higher than average. Manual labor is expensive nowadays. Hopefully, this duvet will serve me long.

Askona Manager

Your feedback means a lot to us. At Askona, we put great care into our products to make your sleep comfortable and healthy. We're grateful for your support and for choosing Askona for your sleep needs.


My old blanket was made from maco satin as this one. It's denser than regular satin, so the blanket will last much longer. That was the reason I bought it. The material is pleasant to touch.

Askona Manager

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Sleep tight.

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