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Pillow Ecogel Classic Green 60x40 40x60

Product code: PNС03891437
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  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 1 - превью
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 2 - превью
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 3 - превью
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 4 - превью
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 1 - большое изображение
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 2 - большое изображение
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 3 - большое изображение
  • Pillow ECOGEL Classic Green  Askona  - 4 - большое изображение


Pillow typeAnatomical / Orthopedic
Product type Pillow
Warranty 1 год
Extended warranty 3 года
Sleeping position Universal
Collection Ecogel Classic
Country of manufacture China
PurposeFor sleeping / Sleeping / Under the head
FillerGel / Microgel / Shape memory foam / With cooling gel
FeaturesMemory Foam / With memory effect / Hypoallergenic / With a cooling effect
Height, cm 14


At the core of the innovative EcoGel® memory foam pillow lies the perfect combination of material with a "memory" effect and the development of a new generation - Ecogel® material.

The Ecogel layer is located on one side of the pillows, while the reverse side consists of memory foam.

Intensity level of massage effect: high


  • No need to get used to the pillow as the memory foam will adjust to the shape and individual features of each person;
  • The relief surface with greenbubbles creates a pinpoint massage effect, providing muscle training during sleep;
  • It is facial exercise during sleep without additional time or cost.


  • Hypoallergenic materials;
  • Support for the head and cervical spine;
  • Soft, super comfortable microfiber cover;
  • Thermoregulation;
  • Refreshing cosmetic effect;
  • Comfort and alertness throughout the day.

It is recommended to use an additional pillowcase.

Pillow care: Do not wash, dry spot clean only.
Removable cover care: Delicate machine wash at 30°.

The products may have a factory odor, it is recommended to air them out before use.

Reviews (0)

Aisa Ch.

It took me a long time to choose a pillow as a gift for my husband. Ranging from simple to very expensive. For a standard man about 175 cm tall, the height of 14 cm is just right. My husband really likes the cooling effect. I took off the cover and put on a pillowcase; for us, it feels puffy and cool this way. We like it.

Alexander Z.

I spent a long time looking for an anatomical pillow. The choice fell on this product and I was right. It's a pleasure to sleep on it. Not very soft and not hard. The elasticity is average. Before that, I slept on a feather pillow and constantly had a headache, as well as sometimes a neck, and I also had an allergy, it’s not clear why. Now everything is in the past. In general, I'm happy with the pillow.

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