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Pillow Immuno Technology Ice 2.0 60x38x11.5 40x60 - M

Product code: PNС03889907
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Pillow typeAnatomical / Classic / Orthopedic
Product type Pillow
Warranty 1.5 года
Extended warranty 5 лет
Sleeping positionOn the back / On the side / On the stomach / Universal
Collection Technology
Country of manufacture Russia
Cover materialKnitwear / Polyester / Tencel (eucalyptus) / With temperature control
PurposeFor sleeping / Sleeping / Under the head
FillerShape memory foam / With cooling gel
FeaturesHypoallergenic / With a cooling effect
Size, cm 38x60x9/11.5/14
Height, cm 9/11.5/14


High-tech Comfortable Sleep!

Immuno Ice - this is a unique limited collection of pillows from the Technology series with black piping around the perimeter and a reversible cover. One side of the pillow is cool, while the other side is soft and tactilely pleasant.

Immuno Ice provides enhanced support for the cervical spine due to two charcoal-infused inner inserts.

It is suitable for those who are accustomed to firmer pillows. Immuno Technology Ice has anatomical properties of classic contour pillows while evenly distributing pressure across the entire surface, providing a perfect level of comfort.


  • The base of the pillow is made of Neo Taktile foam;
  • Supports the head and neck in the correct position;
  • Evenly distributes pressure across the entire surface, preventing the head from sinking during sleep;
  • BlackDiamond inserts with charcoal infusion provide enhanced support for the cervical spine and absorb odors;
  • The removable cover has two sides, one side is cool, and the other side is soft and tactilely pleasant;
  • Additional airflow due to the grey 3D mesh, adding elegance and style to the pillow;
  • Comes in 3 height options for any comfort level: S (9 cm), M (11.5 cm), L (14 cm).


  • Anatomical base of the pillow: Revolutionary material NeoTaktile
  • Inner inserts with charcoal infusion, BlackDiamond
  • Removable cover:
  • 1 side: cooling effect knit fabric (100% polyester)
    2 side: Nano Pocket border knit fabric (100% polyester)
  • Burlap - black 3D mesh (100% polyester)

Pillow Height - S (9 cm), M (11.5 cm), L (14 cm)

Size: 60*38*9/11.5/14 cm

You can also purchase replacement covers for Technology pillows.

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I am writing a review immediately after the first night. Soft, pleasant, your head doesn’t fall through or drown. We'll order a second one and take it with us on trips.


A great pillow. A simple, elastic shape, for me, is what I need. It’s too soft for my taste, but it doesn’t take long to get used to when switching from a regular pillow.


I replaced my old pillow with this foam pillow - an incredible delight. Stopped fidgeting while sleeping.

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