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Pillow Protect-a-Bed Basic 50x70

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Pillow type Classic
Product type Pillow
Warranty 1 year
Sleeping position Universal
Collection Askona Comfort
Cover material Tencel
Filler Aero Bamboo
Size, cm 50x70
Pillow shape Rectangular
Pillow firmness Soft
Removable cover Yes
Height, cm 16
Brand Askona


The Protect-a-Bed Basic stuffed pillow is an innovative pillow, designed to provide versatility, allowing you to adjust it to your desired comfort level.

The pillow is filled with the modern hypoallergenic materials, that don't cause allergic reactions or the growth of microorganisms. These materials are easy to use and care for, while also improving air exchange and maintaining thermal comfort.

You can easily adjust the pillow height and firmness by removing some of the filling, ensuring the perfect balance for your individual preferences.

The removable cover is crafted from TENCEL natural eucalyptus fiber, which has a subtle cooling effect. Tencel naturally absorbs moisture and promotes rapid evaporation, creating a comfortable microclimate for sleep. It also prevents bacteria and dust mites from entering the pillow, which are often the main causes of asthma, eczema, and rhinitis. The unique Miracle Membrane protects the pillow from water penetration and distributes heat. With its thermoregulation properties, the cover maintains optimal body temperature throughout the night.

Additionally, the pillow features a new patented technology – the breathable A-vent valve, which enhances air exchange.

No matter the season, you can enjoy comfortable sleep all year round.

Advantages of the Protect-a-Bed Basic pillow:

  • Combination of natural fibers with modern technologies in the filler
  • The filler doesn't clump or lose its shape during use
  • The waterproof removable Tencel cover protects the pillow from moisture, dust, dirt, and microorganisms
  • The "breathing" A-vent valve promotes increased air exchange
  • Suitable for people with highly sensitive skin and allergies
  • Adapts to any level of comfort

Pillow composition:

  • Inner non-removable cover: Microfiber
  • Outer removable cover: 100% tencel, with TPU for waterproofing; features a zippered design
  • Pillow filler: Aero bamboo (10% bamboo fiber, 90% polyester)

Protect-a-Bed Basic: A comfortable and practical solution for your healthy sleep.

A pillow protector is available here.

Pillow height: 16 cm

Pillow size: 50x70 cm (suitable for a pillowcase of 50x70 cm)

Package weight (50x70): 1.11 kg

Package dimensions (50x70): 50x70x18 cm

Care recommendation:

The products may have a manufacturing smell. It is recommended to air them out before use.

Reviews (6)


We took one pillow to try. I slept the first night, then my husband slept and took it for himself completely. I sleep on my side and the pillow is ideal for it. It doesn't wrinkle during the night, there is no space between the neck and shoulder (this is the most important thing). It may seem that the “beauty” of this pillow is precisely because it is new, but no... We've changed 6 pillows for the past year, most of them lost their shape on the first night, you can get it back only if you shake the pillow well, there are no such problems with this pillow. My husband has been sleeping for a week, he’s very happy. He says he doesn’t even dream, he sleeps tightly.

Askona Manager

Thank you for such an enthusiastic review! We are glad that our Protect-A-Bed pillow exceeded your expectations. We continue to work for your health and comfort.


Have you ever seen a eucalyptus pillow of this quality for this kind of money? I didn’t, so I bought it without hesitation due to the promotion. Its beauty is that if you have skin problems, acne, for example, then the excess moisture that the body releases at night can aggravate these processes. All my underwear is made of Tencel, and even my mattress topper and blanket. Therefore, if you have the same skin problems as me, buy without hesitation, we have the same health.

Askona Manager

We are glad that our product meets your expectations. Askona takes care of all your needs and strives to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your trust!


Finally I've found a normal pillow! I don’t like orthopedic ones at all, I can’t sleep on them. Feather causes your face to itch and your skin to peel. And this one is just right!!

Askona Manager

Thank you for choosing Askona. Our team works hard for your comfort. We are always ready to help you choose the ideal solution to create comfort in your home.

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