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Pillow Silver Goose 68x68

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Pillow type Classic
Product type Pillow
Warranty 1.5 years
Sleeping position Universal
Collection Askona Comfort
Cover material Cotton satin
Filler Down and feather (natural)
Features Natural materials
Size, cm 50x70
Pillow shapeRectangular / Square
Pillow firmness Soft
Removable cover No
Height, cm 18


The Siver Goose is a unique 2 in 1 pillow, transversely divided into two chambers: one soft, the other elastic. This innovative design allows you to enjoy the benefits of two pillows while purchasing only one. Crafted from elite white satin, a durable and lustrous cotton fabric, this pillow promises longevity. Additionally, the selected filler is treated with silver, enhancing its protective features.

The protective antibacterial composition Silver+ contains silver ions, which create a natural antibacterial protection against a wide range of bacteria and dust mites.

Silver Goose-2.jpegThe filler provides a serene and restful sleep, thanks to its increased comfort. Moderately soft and elastic, pillows can be adapted to various sleeping habits: they can be made higher, shaped to a recess for the head, reduced in height,or assembled into a roll. They are comfortable to sleep in any position. Breathable down and feather ensure proper ventilation within the pillow, reducing humidity, eliminating microorganisms, and preventing dust accumulation.

Siver Goose pillow perfectly matches with a Silver Goose duvet.

Advantages of the Silver Goose pillow:

  • Natural goose down and feather filling
  • Premium cotton fabric cover
  • Silver treatment preventing the proliferation of bacteria and preserving textile freshness
  • Breathability and moisture absorption
  • Keeps volume and shape
  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Comfort throughout the night

Pillow composition:

  • External non-removable cover: 100% cotton satin
  • Filler: 
    • Chamber 1: Goose down/feather 80/20%
    • Chamber 2: Goose down/feather 20/80% with Silver+ treatment

Silver Goose: Love for the classics.

A pillow protector is available here.

Pillow height: 18 cm

Pillow size: 50x70 cm (suitable for pillowcases of 50x70 cm)

Care recommendation:

The products may have a manufacturing smell. It is recommended to air them out before use.

Silver Goose duvet is a perfect match to your Silver Goose pillow.

Reviews (4)


A two-chamber pillow is something new. I personally change sides when I have neck pain because I sit a lot at work, and the pillow provides optimal resistance and my head doesn’t sink, as I had before. Very satisfied with the pillow. Thank you.

Askona Manager

Your restful night is our ultimate reward. We are dedicated to providing the best sleep experience, and we are grateful for your trust in Askona. Thank you for your review!


I bought this pillow for myself but had to give it to my parents after they visited me. As I understood,they recently bought pillows but they were either inconvenient in height, or flat. So they were more tired than got enough sleep at night . Fortunately, my pillow suited them and they liked it. Now they walk around with smiles on their faces, and it’s so nice to watch.

Askona Manager

It's great to hear that our pillow has made a positive impact on your parents' sleep. Your words drive us to continuously improve and innovate. Thank you for choosing Askona!

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