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Pillow Silver Goose 50x70

Product code: PNС03888815
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Pillow Type Classic
Product Type Pillow
Warranty 1.5 года
Extended Warranty 5 лет
Dream positionOn the back / Universal
Collection Technology
Country of manufacture Russia
PurposeFor sleeping / Sleeping / Under the head
Features like in a hotel


Love of classics!

The unique 2 in 1 pillow of the Silver Goose series is transversely divided into two chambers: one chamber is soft, the second is elastic. The unique combination of filler in the products of this collection will allow you to use two pillows, while purchasing only one. Elite white satin - a shiny dense cotton fabric – will serve you well for many years. The selected filler is treated with silver.

The protective antibacterial composition Silver+ contains silver ions, which create a natural antibacterial protection against a wide range of bacteria and dust mites.

Silver Goose-2.jpeg

The filler gives a serene, sound sleep, thanks to increased comfort. Moderately soft and elastic, pillows can be formed for any habits: make it higher, arrange a recess for the head, reduce the height, assemble into a roller. They are comfortable to sleep in any position. Fluff and feather are breathable, so the inner contents of the pillow are perfectly ventilated. The humidity level decreases, microorganisms die, dust does not accumulate.

Advantages of Silver Goose:

  • filler made of natural goose down and feather;
  • premium cotton fabric cover;
  • silver treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria and preserves the freshness of textiles
  • breathability and hygroscopicity;
  • does not lose volume and shape;
  • suitable for any sleeping position;
  • comfort throughout the night.


  • external non-removable cover: 100% Cotton (satin)
  • filler: camera 1: goose down/feather 80/20% ; camera 2: goose down/feather 20/80% with Silver+ treatment

Pillow height: 18 cm

The pillow is presented in the size:

Size: 50*70*18 cm - suitable for pillowcases 50*70 cm

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A two-chamber pillow is something new. I personally change sides when I have neck pain because I sit a lot at work, and the pillow provides optimal resistance and my head doesn’t sink, as I had before. Very satisfied with the pillow. Thank you.


I bought this pillow for myself but had to give it to my parents after they visited me. As I understood,they recently bought pillows but they were either inconvenient in height, or flat. So they were more tired than got enough sleep at night . Fortunately, my pillow suited them and they liked it. Now they walk around with smiles on their faces, and it’s so nice to watch.

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