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Pillow Shiatsu-CX 50x70

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Pillow type Anatomical
Product type Pillow
Warranty 1.5 years
Sleeping position Universal
Collection Askona Technology
Cover material With temperature control
FillerMemory foam / Polyester fiber
FeaturesHypoallergenic / Anti-stress
Size, cm 50x70
Pillow shape Rectangular
Pillow firmnessFirm / Soft
Removable cover Yes
Height, cm 15
Brand Askona


The innovative anatomical pillow Shiatsu-CX is designed for those who prioritize self-care and the well-being of their loved ones, aiming to prevent neck pain and stiffness, relieve muscle and emotional tension, and promote uninterrupted sleep.

Shiatsu-CX has 2 sides with different fillers:
  • 1 side: Based on perforated memory foam, delicately supporting the head and neck in a natural position, creating a cloud-like sleeping sensation.
  • 2 side: Made of super soft microfiber, promoting intensive air exchange and moisture evaporation.

This high-tech product offers personalized comfort by allowing users to adjust the pillow to their individual preferences simply by removing one of the layers.

Advantages of the Shiatsu-CX pillow:
  • Comfortable for stomach sleepers without getting used to it
  • Ability to customize the pillow's height independently
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies
  • Innovative materials that prevent the growth of microorganisms
  • Natural cotton cover for pleasant tactile sensations
  • Temperature comfort at any time of the year

Pillow composition:
  • Base: 
    • 1 side: 100% memory foam
    • 2 side: Microfiber
  • Cover: 100% Outlast cotton

Shiatsu-CX: Two levels of comfort and massage effect.

A pillow protector is available here.

Pillow size: 50x70 cm (suitable for a 50x70 cm pillowcase)

Pillow height: 15 cm

Care recommendation:

The products may have a manufacturing smell. It is recommended to air them out before use.

Reviews (2)


The pillow is 10 out of 10. Not very hard, not very soft, double-sided, good soft case. I even washed it, it didn’t lose its shape, I easily put it back on. Sleeping on a pillow is very comfortable, especially after a down one. It seems to adapt to the contours of the body. Definitely worth the money. I recommend!

Askona Manager

We are glad that our product meets your expectations. Askona takes care of all your needs and strives to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your trust!

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