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Pillow Vortex 38x67

Product code: PNС03891427
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Product type Pillow
Warranty 1.5 года
Extended warranty 3 года
Sleeping position Universal
PurposeFor sleeping / Sleeping / Under the head
Filler Shape memory foam
FeaturesHypoallergenic / With a cooling effect
Size, cm 38x67x12
Height, cm 12


Innovative anatomical fitness pillow Vortex is designed for everyone who chooses an active lifestyle, engages in sports, and is accustomed to physical exertion.
This is a high-tech product: the fitness pillow normalizes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, stress, and fatigue. The special recess for the neck provides comfortable sleep on the back, side, or stomach.
At the core of Vortex is the symmetrical cellular foam Air Visco with a cooling effect and memory foam. Both accurately follow the contours of the body, gently support the head and neck in the anatomically correct position, and give a feeling of "weightlessness."
Innovative materials prevent the appearance and development of microorganisms.

Advantages of Vortex:
  • Universal: comfortable sleep in any position;
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies;
  • Temperature comfort at any time of the year;
  • Extended service life;
  • Innovative product at a market price.

Vortex Fitness Pillow: intense recovery after a busy day!

Filler: 100% memory foam.
Cover: 100% Outlast.
Dimensions (cm): 36*67*12.

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I bought this very cool pillow as a present for my bday. Vortex is my love at first sight. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it's also very comfortable. It took me quite fast to get used to it; from the first night it was comfortable and comfortable to sleep on. A pillow with a cooling effect and additional air exchange, because. As I do a lot of sports, this is just my salvation. The quality is top notch!!! Thank you Askona!!!

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