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Duvet Silver Goose 140x205

Product code: OPA04283416
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Product type Duvet
Warranty 1.5 years
FillerFeather / Goose down
Season All-season
Collection Askona Comfort
Sewing method Cassette
Cover materialCotton / Satin
Brand Askona


The Silver Goose duvet is made with diagonal cassettes, which gives it a stylish and original look. It features elite white satin, a dense cotton fabric that will serve you well for many years. The selected filler is treated with silver for added benefits.

The protective antibacterial composition Silver+ contains silver ions, which provide natural antibacterial protection against a wide range of bacteria and dust mites. The filler promotes serene, deep sleep by offering increased comfort. The fluff and feather are breathable, ensuring perfect ventilation of the duvet's contents. This leads to a decrease in humidity levels, the elimination of microorganisms, and prevents the accumulation of dust.

Advantages of the Silver Goose duvet:

  • Filler made of natural goose down and feather
  • Premium cotton fabric cover
  • Silver treatment that prevents the reproduction of bacteria and preserves the freshness of textiles
  • Breathability and hygroscopicity
  • Maintains volume and shape
  • Comfort throughout the night

Duvet composition:

  • Cover: Cotton/satin
  • Filler: 80% goose down, 20% goose feather with Silver treatment+

 Size range:

 Duvet size
Sleeping width recommendation
Single 140x205 cm
Up to 140 cm
Euro 200x220 cm
Between 140 and 200 cm

Bed linen for your sleeping place is here.

Silver Goose: Love for classics.

Care recommendation:

A Silver Goose pillow is a perfect match to your Silver Goose duvet.

Reviews (4)


I've been wanting a goose feather blanket for a long time. I liked that this duvet has a pillow to match. Plus, I ordered bed linen too. A whole pack fitted my room perfectly.

Askona Manager

Thank you for choosing us. Sleep well!


When this blanket was first delivered, I immediately understood why it cost so much. It is so voluminous and fluffy. The stitching is just perfect. It feels like silk.

Askona Manager

Thank you for your honest review. We are glad that Askona products bring you pleasure. Your comfort is our priority!

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