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Pillow Combo New 65x48 48x65

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Product type Pillow
PurposeFor sleeping / Sleeping / Under the head
Height, cm 18


The innovative Combo New pillow combines the benefits of a classic and an anatomical pillow. Soft and comfortable, it supports the head and neck in a physiologically correct position.

Combo New has two sides with different fillings:

One side is made of ultra-soft microfiber - the finest fibers that are tens of times thinner than a human hair. It gives the pillow an "airy" and lightweight feel. Microfiber maintains a comfortable body temperature during sleep, retains the shape of the product, and extends its lifespan.
The other side consists of two layers of porous memory foam: it adjusts to the sleeping person's physiological features, mimics their movements, and gently supports the head and neck. It does not create pressure from the pillow side and ensures free blood circulation.
*One layer of foam can be removed to reduce the pillow's height.

Important to know: the cover is non-removable but has a zipper.

Advantages of Combo New:

  • Versatile: suitable for healthy sleep in any position, suitable for teenagers and adults;
  • Does not require adaptation - comfortable from the first sleep;
  • Anatomical support for the head and neck;
  • Adjustable pillow height;
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies.


One side - ultra-soft microfiber;
The other side - two layers of memory foam with adjustable height;
Non-removable cover - 100% cotton (300 TC).

Pillow height: 22 cm
Size: 69x47x22 cm

Care recommendations:


Reviews (0)

Julia A

I have cervical osteochondrosis, shoulder length is 13 cm, the pillow fits because I like to sleep on my side and my shoulders don’t get stiff, it’s comfortable to sleep on my back. I haven't been testing it for long, but I like it so far.


A great pillow, very comfortable for side sleepers. In the morning, you look fresh and rested, there are no “bruises” on your face. If it is high, it is possible to remove the layer through the side zipper and make it lower and softer. But I like it the way it is.

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