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Rules for acceptance and assembly of orders

1. Acceptance of the Goods is carried out by unpacking and inspecting the order in the presence of the Seller's representative.

2. The Buyer or the Buyer's representative, when accepting the Goods, is obliged to inspect it for the establishment of visible damage/defects of the Goods and accept the Goods. In case of detection of damage/defects of the Goods, the Buyer or his representative indicates the presence of damage/defects in the forwarder's document. When signing the freight forwarder's document without specifying comments on visible damage/defects of the Goods, the Buyer does not have the right to refer to them in the future.

3. The Buyer, his representative or the Carrier has the right to refuse to unpack and inspect the Goods, in this case the fact of refusal is reflected in the forwarder's document.

4. The Buyer has the right to refuse to accept the Goods in case of detection of non-conformity of the Goods in quality during its acceptance. The Buyer makes an entry about the refusal in the forwarder's document with his own hand. In other cases, the refusal to accept the Goods after the deadline for the transfer of the Goods is unreasonable.

5. The Buyer provides appropriate conditions for the acceptance of the Goods, including:

  • Ensure personal presence or the presence of a representative. The Buyer or Representative presents the order number or the original payment document confirming the payment;
  • The goods are delivered to the Buyer's entrance only if there are free access roads for trucks. The passage (entry) of trucks to the protected area must be agreed by the Buyer with the security service in advance. The place of unloading the Goods should be no further than 15m to the entrance (entrance to the house);
  • Ensure the size of the doorways to the dimensions of the Goods (the width of the openings of the entrance and interior doors in the room should be at least 75cm in width, at least 190cm in height, for models of beds and mattresses, the width of the sleeping place, which is more than 180cm – the height of the opening should exceed the width of the goods by at least 10cm);
  • Ensure a free and sufficient passage to the place of placement of the goods (the free width of the passage inside the room should not be less than 105cm). Items that prevent the transfer of Goods must be removed before delivery;
  • Notify the Seller before placing an order about non-compliance with the technical characteristics of the premises to determine the possibility of delivery of the goods;
  • Free up the necessary territory in advance for the assembly and installation of the delivered Goods.
  • For goods requiring installation to the walls of the room (mirrors, hanging shelves, etc.), the Buyer is obliged to notify in writing the employees assembling the goods about the presence of hidden communications and wiring in the room. In case of violation of this condition, the
  • Buyer is solely responsible for accidental damage to these communications and wiring during the installation of the goods to the walls.

6. Works (services) for removing doors, clearing entrance passages, moving, assembling/disassembling existing furniture and other interior items of the Buyer, clearing the territory for assembling the purchased Goods and other similar works are not provided for in this Agreement.

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